This guest post was written by Closet Nerd, the winner of last month’s Nexus 7 giveaway. This is written from the perspective of a regular, everyday user, summarizing his general impressions of the device after a couple weeks. For more in-depth information, you can take a look at our previous full-length Nexus 7 review.

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So I have had my Google ASUS Nexus 7 for around three weeks. And as excited as I was to receive it, I will admit that I didnʼt use it much the first week. School, life, and work had a stranglehold on me, but thanks to procrastination and planning of epic proportions, I have been able to play around with the Nexus 7 for the past two weeks.

In that time, I have really gotten to know and enjoy my device. Although I havenʼt had as much time with my tablet as Aaron has, I can see how it would be easy to forget it is, in fact, stock. The OS runs super smoothly – maybe there is something to this “Project Butter” after all. Apps open quickly; even with multiple programs running, the quad core Tegra 3 handles everything I throw at it with ease.

I wasnʼt always a fan of OS animations, but here it all seems to flow together smoothly, adding to the overall package. To be honest, there wasnʼt much I didnʼt like about the tablet, except that at times scrolling seemed a little too snappy, occasionally bouncing back the opposite direction while scrolling through magazines. But I think that was more a user error.

One of the biggest surprises for me was the size. When the box arrived, I was pretty shocked. Having never seen a Nexus 7 in person, I wasnʼt sure what to expect. It almost seemed too small a box to pack such an awesome machine, but after an hour, I realized how great it was. I had played around with larger tablets that my friends owned, and they all felt awkward to type on, having to stretch across a large screen as my puny arms struggled to hold up the device. In this case, the 7-inch size seems like it was made for my hand, and typing – even in landscape mode –  almost feels like a natural task.

As far as weight is concerned, I watched almost a full season of The League before I realized I was still holding the tablet. All in all, I think this is a great machine. Even the faux leather back adds a nice touch. I also thought it would scratch easily, but it has stood up to being carelessly thrown in my bag – and when my two year old old nephew got his hands on it for 20 unsupervised minutes, it survived.

It is safe to say that in the short time I have had this device, I have become a Nexus fan, and now plan on getting even more Nexus products. Thanks, Pocketables, for the awesome giveaway, and the great site.