It may just be because I’m a 90’s kid, but RollerCoaster Tycoon will always have a place in my list of the best games ever. The simple theme park simulator was one of the funnest games that I played on my first desktop computer, and I wasted countless hours in RC Tycoon One and Two building theme parks instead of studying. For quite a while, it seems that there has been a small push in the Android community for the game to be ported to mobile devices, and it finally looks like that will happen.

According to Atari, the makers of RollerCoaster Tycoon, a mobile version of the game will be coming to iOS and Android in 2013. There aren’t any details on price yet, and the control method and gameplay settings weren’t revealed either. Personally, I hope the game looks and works just as it did back in early 2000, but with controls suited to touchscreen devices.

It may be just me, but personally I can’t wait for this game to come to Android devices specifically. I’ve always been a fan of strategy games, and a reboot of this childhood favorite would be quite a bit of fun. I can already picture it working great on my Nexus 7, so hopefully the game really will be released in the next four months.

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