Just yesterday I posted about my current phone situation. I talked about the decision I had to make that was between the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Well thanks to a tip from one of our commenters, Bill, that decision might have been made a little more difficult.

Today only at Best Buy you can get $100 off a Samsung Galaxy S III. This is for all major carriers. It is of course requiring you to sign up for a new two year contract. By now everyone in the US realizes this is standard for this kind of a deal. Heck, just about anytime you upgrade your phone with any kind of a money savings requires you to re-up on your contract. I don’t know if this deal is online only, I might be finding that out later today if I decide to upgrade. If you do decide to purchase the phone online you will also get free shipping. You will however have to pay the $36 activation fee still.

I would love to hear if anyone takes advantage of this offer to maybe upgrade from your original HTC EVO 4G, or from any other phone for that matter. I will of course make sure I let you know if I decide to take advantage of my upgrade later today.

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