While we’ve seen plenty of the supposed LG Nexus (a variant of the Optimus G), little has been found about the other supposed Nexus devices. Today, however, brought a leak of what may be Sony’s offering courtesy of XPERIA Blog, in the form of two pictures of what appears to be a prototype device called the Nexus X.

As we well know, speculation like this can be quite dangerous, but let’s put that aside and take a look at what this images reveals, if it is indeed real.

First, it clearly shows pogo pins and a microUSB port on the left side of the device, as well as the standard camera and LED flash. Google and SONY branding are both present, but the Sony smartphone branding of XPERIA is notably absent. From the front of the device, pictured below, it is clear that Android 4.0 or greater is the OS, and that the device also includes a front facing camera and software buttons.

Of course, these are all very generic conclusions, and don’t really reveal anything particularly exciting about the device. In fact, apart from the partially metallic curved styling, there is little unique about the pictured prototype. Admittedly, it does contain cues of both Google’s and Sony’s engineering, but it could easily be a disregarded prototype or an outright mockup.

In fact, both images, especially the one of the device’s back cover, appear somewhat doctored and unnatural. For example, note how the SONY branding doesn’t quite line up on the back cover, and how the left bezel increases slightly in size on the front of the device, suggesting a faked screen image. While it may be worth noting in case future information emerges, for now I wouldn’t bet much on this particular device actually being the Sony Nexus.