It’s looking less and less likely that the “Sony Nexus X” is actually a real thing, and it’s looking more and more likely that LG will be the manufacturer of the next Google Nexus phone. That’s all well and good, but not everyone is thrilled at the prospect of buying an LG device. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is still quite competitive in the specs department, and it’s guaranteed to remain relevant for quite a long while despite its age – that’s because we can expect at least another year of updates from Google, if not more. And being a Nexus device, the Galaxy Nexus runs even more buttery smooth than phones with better specs but more manufacturer bloat.

So if you’ve been eyeing a Galaxy Nexus instead of whatever the next Nexus might be, you’re definitely not crazy or out of line. And deal site Daily Steals is making this decision even easier.

Right now, it’s offering consumers $30 off the price of an unlocked, contract-free Galaxy Nexus, bringing the price down to $319.99. Shipping is only around $5, netting you a $25 savings over Google’s asking price. Not too bad!

But hurry – if you’ve been considering this purchase, you should know that the sale is only going on for about eight more hours as of publication.

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