A very short time after Google’s announcement of Android 4.2, and the subsequent porting of the keyboard and camera apps, the entire system dump of the next version of the Android operating system is now available online.

The update, which is still called Jelly Bean, does not seem to be as wide a gap to bridge as the gap between Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, so there’s some good reason to hope that if your device has Jelly Bean running now, you’ll be seeing the 4.2.x versions fairly soon.

The main features of Android 4.2 seem to be improvements in the camera, the keyboard, and notification settings. So if you’re rooted and have Ice Cream Sandwich or better, you’re already two-thirds of the way there already, if you want to be.

It’ll be interesting to see what all gems are buried in the 4.2 code base, but we’ll have to wait until the developers get their hands on it and have a compiled version for our devices.

Personally, I’m betting that, with how close this is to Jelly Bean, we will see something by this weekend for the HTC EVO line.