When both ASUS and Google announced that their popular Nexus 7 tablet was getting slightly refreshed with new storage capacities at the same price points as before, some recent buyers were naturally pretty upset. After all, they could’ve spent $50 less to get a 16GB model, or gotten 32GB of storage for the same price.

Thankfully, the companies feel their pain: starting today, both ASUS and Google will be refunding some buyers of the $250 16GB model who purchased it before the price drop. In the UK, buyers can expect a voucher of ₤25 to spend in the ASUS store, while the rest of Europe will get €30. Meanwhile, US-based buyers will be getting a refund of $50 from Google.

To request your voucher or refund, hit up the either the ASUS (Europe) or Google (US) source links below. You’ve got until November 30 to get your application in.

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