Google’s $25 Play Store promotional credit for Nexus 7 buyers may have ended, but that doesn’t mean that buyers now are stuck paying the full retail price with no incentives. Thanks to Radio Shack, prospective Nexus 7 owners can now pick up the Nexus 7 tablets, or any other tablet that Radio Shack stocks, for $20 off.

The $20 off comes when you apply the promo code RMN20, and reduces the price of the 32GB Nexus 7 to $229, and the price of the 16GB tablet to $179. There’s also free ship-to-store and free ground shipping, so the final price will only add state sales tax. While not huge, the price drop certainly moves the Nexus 7 even further into the impulse buy category. Only $179 for a quad-core, 7-inch 1280 x 800 Google experience tablet with 16GB of storage is quite a deal, and one that should serve only to increase the already fairly substantial Nexus 7 sales.

The only complaint that I really have about this deal is that I wasn’t able to take advantage of it, and ended up spending about $225 plus taxes and shipping for a Nexus 7 a couple months ago, and now only have the 8GB version. Since I didn’t even have my tablet for much of that time after sending it back to have the display repaired, it seems a little disappointing to have spent so much on the tablet and yet gained so little use out of it. Now that I’m running out of space, I’m probably going to try to sell my 8GB tablet and upgrade to the 32GB with this deal. Of course, if you’ve wisely held off on buying so far, it appears that now may finally be the time.

[Radio Shack via Unwired View]