After the huge disaster that was yesterday’s LG Nexus 4 relaunch, I was finally able to order a 16GB Nexus 4 late last night after hitting the “Proceed” button who knows how many times. When I finally got my order to go through, I was told that the device would ship out in 1-2 weeks (although my receipt says 2-3), but I was just happy to finally be able to purchase the device.

As of this morning, both models appear to be back in stock in the Play Store, but in more of a preorder situation than an actual purchase. The 16GB device is now listed as shipping in 4-5 weeks, and the 8GB device is said to be shipping in a whopping 8-9 weeks. While disappointing for those who wanted the Nexus 4 right away, this is much more like the preorder situation that many users wanted from the beginning. It at least allows users to get their orders in and stop worrying instead of forcing them to sit and wait for the device to go on sale again, and deal with the annoyance of the device going out of stock at the same time.

While I’m glad that Google finally got its act together and is finally letting people get their names on the list for Nexus 4 shipments, one thing that I did find a bit surprising when buying my Nexus 4 is the total cost after taxes and shipping. Although I’m used to buying without tax on Amazon, I am fine with the fact that Google has to charge tax on Nexus 4 purchases (although I can’t think of a single physical presence of the company here in Georgia).

However, what has me a bit confounded is the $14 shipping charge, which seems quite high to me. Admittedly, it is for 2 day shipping, but I don’t think that it will make much of a difference when the device is going to take a couple of weeks to ship. I would much rather have saved the $14, and gotten the smartphone a couple of days later. Of course, that is really a fairly small complaint with the system, as right now I’m mostly just happy that I was finally able to place my order, and there’s hopefully a Nexus 4 with my name on it out there somewhere.