Advertisements aren’t usually very interesting, but there is always the occasional ad that’s funny, well designed, or interesting. Apple has historically been masters of creating great advertisements, while Google hasn’t been quite so good. With the new line of Nexus devices, Google has certainly unified its strategy and seems to have a good plan for advertising their new devices, but has yet to release a short TV oriented commercial. (They did release something of an informational video on Monday.)

However, a San Francisco company that has worked with Google in the past has taken the task of advertising the new Nexus devices into their own hands, and produced the commercial that you see above. At only 35 seconds, the commercial manages to get across the point of all three of Google’s new devices quite well. Admittedly, it does make the Nexus 7 seem like only a book reader, but it does show a specific use for each form factor. Not only that, it manages to do all this in a very simple and attractive format, that isn’t overly complicated or confusing.

Advertisements aren’t usually news, but I wanted to highlight this specific one because it wasn’t made directly by Google, and it shows how I think Google should be advertising to the general public. Most of the more technologically savvy already use or at least know about Android (although recent changes like removing the SD card slot seem to be driving them away), so the demographic that Google needs to reach for Android to grow is regular people. Personally, I think this commercial does a great job of that, even if it does have a bit of an “Apple” feel.