With the Nexus 4 at $299, $579 for an unlocked smartphone may not seem like much of a deal. However, when you consider that the unlocked smartphone in question is the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which retails for $799 and goes for $299 on contract, the price begins to make a bit more sense. For those interested in something a little different than the average smartphone, the unlocked International 16GB Note II is currently on sale for the aforementioned $579 price on eBay’s daily deals page.

While lacking the lower price of some other smartphones, the Note II more than makes up for it with a massive 5.55-inch HD 1280 x 720 display, quad-core 1.6GHz processor, and unique S Pen feature. Clearly, the massive smartphone has at least something going for it, as over three million people have already purchased the oddball device. Normally, the lowest price for the smartphone is $659, offered by Amazon, making eBay’s deal just a bit better than usual. Despite the seemingly slight difference, the $579 price manages to place the Note II in the more attainable realm of most other unlocked smartphones.

I quite like the idea of the Note II, and if I wasn’t currently considering the Nexus 4 (and questioning whether I really need a smartphone at all), I would probably pick it up. For off-contract plans on GSM carriers, the Note II should work fine even in the US. Between the good development community and powerful hardware, Samsung’s large smartphone ranks with the HTC One X and the company’s own Galaxy S III as one of the better unlocked smartphones available today.

If you do decide to pick one up, then go ahead and swing by our Galaxy Note forum for some helpful tips and information.

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