The Liberty kernel by Evolutionmods is a no-frills overclocked custom kernel for Sense-based ROMs on the HTC EVO 4G LTE. It’s fairly interesting in that the kernel does not have the usual changelog and features list a mile long; instead, it’s just a stock kernel with some speed.

While not a kernel I would specifically rush to jump on (no slide to wake, governor list a mile long, etc.), it’s yet another kernel developer entering the EVO 4G LTE arena, and that is a very good thing for a platform that feels like it consists of a relatively small development community.

One of the largest failings many perceived in the old HTC EVO 3D development world was the lack of kernel development, along with HTC’s evident attempt to just strangle the phone to death with no updates. When ICS was leaked, there was not much in the way of the kernel community to step forth and fix it, and what was there seemed to be involved in a fight to the death. Oh, it’s always good to see someone developing for the core of a phone is the point I was trying to make.

The Liberty kernel comes in 1.89 and 1.91GHz flavors, and there’s not a lot different from stock, but it is a good chance to sit in on the ground floor of development and see where this kernels ends up, or doesn’t.

More developers in the kitchen keeps things interesting. If you try this kernel out, let us know what you think.