Oprah Winfrey isn’t a name you see on tech sites too often, but when she chooses the Microsoft Surface as one of her Favorite Things of 2012 and gives everyone in her audience one to take home (along with thousands of dollars of other merchandise), we obviously can’t ignore it.

Favorite Things was one of the most wildly popular annual episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, which ended its 25-season run last year, so it’s no surprise that it would come back as a standalone special on OWN. The two-hour show airs on November 18, but all the chosen products were recently revealed as part of the launch of the new dedicated OWN section of HuffPost.

There’s lots of good stuff in the mix, but of course what caught our eye was the Surface. Here’s what Oprah had to say about the device:

“The Surface, Microsoft’s first tablet, feels like a Mercedes-Benz to me, people! The full-size keyboard built right into the cover makes work easy, the very smart kickstand makes watching a movie or Skyping a friend a delight, the less than a pound-and-a-half weight makes a great alternative to a laptop, and the many other features make it fun for work and play. Now, that’s a wowser!”

“The Oprah Effect” is a very real phenomenon and considering that just about every product she mentions/features/endorses becomes an instant best seller, the Microsoft Surface stands a good chance of becoming one of the hottest holiday gifts this year.

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