We now have more proof that a physical Google Wallet card is coming – and probably sooner than we think. Google’s own support pages made several references to a Google Wallet card, although they have since been updated to remove that information – but not before TechCrunch pulled a screenshot.

It seems that in the near future, all Android devices running 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and higher will be able to download the Google Wallet app, regardless of whether or not the device has NFC capabilities. Presumably, the app will also be coming soon for iOS and other mobile operating systems, as well.

However, international devices will still not be supported. Therefore, regardless of whether you buy your phone locked or unlocked, with or without a subsidy, you should still make sure that you are buying a US version of your phone if you want to use Google Wallet on it.

I just wish Google would roll out this update, already.