On October 29, Google announced two new and one slightly updated pieces of Android hardware: The Nexus 4, Nexus 10, and 3G enabled Nexus 7. The announcement wasn’t as big as it might have been, due to the physical event being cancelled as as a result of Hurricane Sandy. However, Google still went ahead and revealed in its blog post that all three new devices will be going up for consumer purchase on tomorrow, November 13, a date that seems to have crept up quite quickly.

While it is clear that all the devices will launch tomorrow, there has been a bit of confusion about exactly when consumers would be able to order the products. The general consensus seemed to  be that Google would begin selling the devices worldwide early morning in its home time zone (PST or GMT -8), but now some information is forthcoming that seems to suggest that European users may be able to purchase the hardware early in the morning their time, and that the release may be staggered through different time zones.

Normally, this kind of detail wouldn’t matter much, but with this release people seem to feel that Google finally has some products which may sell out within the first few hours of being offered. Usually, this kind of enthusiasm is reserved for Apple’s product launches, but Google may very well have quite a few people eagerly hitting the refresh button tomorrow morning hoping to buy the new Nexus devices. And yes, despite my previous musings, I will be one of them. I’ve decided that at $300, I definitely want a Nexus 4.