As it turns out, Sprint has officially confirmed via Twitter that an OTA update to 3.15.651.11 is coming soon to the HTC EVO 4G LTE. This lends credence to a previous rumor that the OTA update was gradually rolling out for the device, although no users (to my knowledge) have actually confirmed getting the update yet.

The tweet above confirms only the software number of the update – unlike that rumor from yesterday, this particular Sprint rep seems to think that the update doesn’t have anything to do with Jelly Bean. This is in contrast to the screenshot of an internal Sprint support document that specifically mentioned Jelly Bean by name.

Subsequent tweets to @sprintcare have not yielded any more information:

@sprintcare and what does update 3.15.651.11 do?

@sprintcare when can i expect jelly bean for HTC EVO 4g lte? And world it be 4.1 or 4.2?

Both of those tweets remain unanswered. So now you’ve officially had your hopes up, then were let down, and now they’re up again. How many of you plan on hitting that update button all weekend long?