There are a number of various kinds of speakers out there, with one being a reverberation speaker. Like the name implies, this speaker vibrates of the object upon which it sits – which in turn vibrates the air around the object – to send its audio signal to your ears. In essence, then, the “speaker” would be the object, such as a desk or table.

Unfortunately, good reverberation speakers can cost a lot of money – and the cheap ones are wrapped in plastic and, therefore, are not very good. But a new Kickstarter project, aptly named The Bass Egg Project, wants to change that fact by providing a durable and great-sounding reverberation speaker at a more palatable price.

In fact, that’s exactly The Bass Egg Project’s goal:

Driven by the desire to design and manufacture the “best in class” reverberation speaker, our goal was to develop a product with the following attributes: Small and Portable, Sleek, Wireless and Easy to Use, and Durable. Of course, big, Quality Sound was a must.

The Bass Egg Project has 25 days to hit its $150,000 goal. Currently, 150 backers have pledged $15,624 to the project. If you are interested in the Bass Egg, then I’d suggest sending them some money: right now, you can get the reverberation speaker for just $95, versus the $120 it’ll cost if and when it makes it to retail.

[Kickstarter via AnythingButiPod]