While I’m partial to using the Bluetooth PlayStation 3 controller for gaming on Android devices, and there are a wide variety of different options for Android game controllers, getting an Android specific controller for $5 could hardly be a bad thing. Although I’ve never heard of PowerA before, they are currently running a promotion where the MOGA Mobile Gaming system, a Bluetooth game controller for Android, is free ($5 with tax and shipping) with a promotional code.

As I mentioned, I’ve never been a huge fan of anything other than the PS3 controller for Android games, but for $5 this deal is worth checking out. There are details on the PowerA’s Facebook page, but all you need to know to complete an order is the promo code “SecretSanta.” As you can see above, entering the code reduces the price of the controller to $0.00, and adds a free copy of Modern Combat 4 to the order as well. The $5.25 comes with shipping and taxes, which should be the same for anyone in the US. Unfortunately, the deal isn’t available for anyone outside of the states.

Normally, I wouldn’t buy an accessory like this from a company that I’ve never heard of, but for $5 I think that it is worth a try. The worst case scenario is that I’ve wasted $5, which I can do just as easily at Taco Bell. So, for a little more than the price of a coffee or a couple of burritos, I could end up with an Android game controller that is actually good. I’ve placed my order (although I haven’t gotten a confirmation code yet), and will be waiting to see if this free game controller delivers.

The promotion should be good until at least midnight tonight, although PowerA has said that they may extend it due to trouble with their website.

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