Google has just launched a new extension for the desktop Chrome browser and Chrome OS devices: Save to Google Drive. Installing this extension will add a new icon next to your omnibar that, when clicked, can save either an image of the entire page you’re currently viewing, the HTML source code, or a web archive file (.mht).

Additionally, the extension adds a new context menu that appears when right-clicking media on a page – for example, right-clicking a linked image will  ask you whether you want to save the image or the hyperlink directly to your Google Drive account. Plus, after you save something using this new extension, you will immediately see options to open the file in Drive, rename it, or view it in your Drive list to easily share it with other people or move it to a different folder.

Finally, Google has added some new enhancements to Drive, as well: When viewing a preview of an image, it’s easier than ever to zoom in to a specific part of the picture, fit it to your screen, or view the actual size. Additionally, you can select specific parts of the image and add comments to those parts.

Granted, in Chrome OS at least, it was already possible to save things directly to Google Drive using the Files app, but this new extension adds some great functionality that was missing before. I’m also especially excited about being able to comment on specific areas of an image, rather than simply the entire image file as a whole. Google certainly seems hard at work on Chrome and Drive, which will hopefully keep the competition on their toes (I’m looking at you, Microsoft and Dropbox).