Yes, this is another post about the LG Nexus 4 ordering fiasco, and yes, I’m complaining again. Don’t worry, I’ll get to some slightly useful information in just a few moments, but first I need to rant a little bit.

I was quite happy to finally be able to order the Nexus 4 back when I first placed my order last Tuesday, November, 27. When I went to add the 16GB Nexus 7 to my cart, it had an estimated ship date of 1-2 weeks, but my receipt said that it would ship in 2-3. That’s fine, I figured, as usually these shipping estimates are over-estimated so that Google has plenty of time to fulfill orders. Google sent me a confirmation email the same day, and I thought nothing more of it.

However, just today I began to see various reports on Reddit and other Android forums with stories from users who ordered their Nexus 4 after me and have estimated ship times of 3-4 and 4-5 weeks, but are happily receiving tracking numbers and devices today. Normally, I would just say good for them, but when looking into my own Nexus 4 order, I discovered something interesting. Although as far as I know, the purchase of a Nexus 4 is supposed to put a hold on your credit or debit card until the device is shipped, I’ve already been charged the full amount. (Others have as well.)

This alone isn’t too big of a deal, but it is a bit concerning when I’ve heard nothing from Google for the last week. They obviously haven’t forgotten the order, but it could potentially be mixed up or lost in the system. This isn’t as far out of the question as you might think, as Google has already managed to mix up at least two people’s orders.

To keep this from being a pointless complaint, here’s how I think Google should have better handled the Nexus 4 launch. At this point, what I would like to know from Google is the whether it currently has any units to ship out, when the next shipment will come in, and where I am at on the waiting list. The next time Google launches a product, I think it should be very clear about ship times, have a preorder process that works, not charge consumers until their devices ship, and keep consumers informed, even if just to say that it is still waiting for more inventory.

I understand that I’m still well within the projected shipping time for my device, and I may be complaining about a lot of nothing. Who knows, I may get my shipping notification tomorrow. However, I do think that Google could communicate with its customers much better, and while I’m still glad to be at least on some sort of list to get the Nexus 4, I’m afraid that annoyances like this are why people don’t yet trust Google enough to buy directly from them.