We hope everyone had a fantastic extended weekend! Most of us are back to work today – except the iTunes folks at Apple, who are still on an even longer extended break. That basically means that Apple can’t take app updates or submissions, or even change the prices until its employees are back.

What that means for you is quite good: every company’s sales will continue on until Apple resumes business as usual. If you received any money or iTunes gift cards over the holiday season, you have a few more days to spend it on some great, discounted apps.

As the title to this post suggests, employees will be back this Friday, December 28. When they do come back to work, developers will likely return apps to their normal prices and end the plethora of sales that have been offered through the past week. Some deals include Grand Theft Auto III for $0.99 and every Rovio HD title for the same price.

If you want to take advantage of any of the sales, I suggest heading to the App Store on your iDevice and downloading or buying some apps as soon as possible so you don’t forget!