Those poor Nexus owners who are using CDMA phones – they always are a little late to the party whenever Google releases a new version of Android, in spite of their Nexus namesake. The Sprint-compatible Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no exception, with owners patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for Android 4.2.1, which has been available since November.

Luckily, the wait is now over, as Galaxy Nexus owners on Sprint can now manually download the update directly from Google. It’s not yet showing up on Google’s official list of factory images for Nexus devices, but some brilliant members of XDA have found and published the link.

Once you download the file to your computer, simply connect your Galaxy Nexus, and follow these same instructions that we posted a few months ago for Android 4.2. I expect that a link will appear in Google’s list at some point tomorrow.

While the Galaxy Nexus isn’t the device I’m personally using on a daily basis, someone else in my house is, so I guess I know what my plans are for the rest of the evening. Happy downloading and flashing, and be sure to let us know how the update treats you!