The HTC EVO 4G LTE is receiving an OTA update to 3.16.651.3. It’s not the update to Android 4.2 that a lot of people are still hoping for, but it does bring some much needed bug fixes and other improvements to the device.

Weighing in at 44MB, users are reporting improvements to the proximity sensor, fixes to the camera shutter sound (i.e. silencing it when it’s supposed to be silenced), and improved voicemail. We don’t have an official changelog yet – the one shown in this screenshot is actually the same one for the previous Jelly Bean update (imagine that; someone at HTC or Sprint messed up agagin!). The changelog also isn’t appearing yet in Sprint’s community forums, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled over there.

In the meantime, hit that update button, and let us know what other changes you find. As always, if you’re rooted and you don’t have S-OFF, accept this OTA at your own risk.

Update: Here is the official changelog, as listed on the Sprint Community Forum:

  • Proximity sensor improvements while on a call or listening to voicemail
  • Ability to output audio/video to HDTV (and other external displays via MHL cable
  • WiFi Connection improvements
  • Bluetooth compatibility improvements
  • Android process/application shutdown resolved

[Android CentralThanks, Simon!

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