HTC has posted its unaudited results for the final quarter in 2012, and they don’t look too good. While the company is still profitable, it only made about $34.5 million in profits on about $2.7 billion in sales. While that may not seem all that bad, it’s actually very bleak when compared to last year’s results at the same time, when HTC made $430 million in profits – and that itself was a 22% decline from the previous year.

Of course, the pressure has been on HTC from all sides – both Apple and Samsung have made lots of headway over the Taiwanese manufacturer in the past year, while HTC has continued to struggle in the face of patent disputes and customs delays.

Of course, we already know a little of what we can expect to see from HTC in 2013, but I still maintain that the company is going to have to do something radically different this year. It can’t afford to keep bleeding money, and pretty soon, those profits are going to turn into losses. Something has to give.