There have been rumblings ever since Google purchased Motorola Mobility of a new kind of Android device that would result from the partnership. Called the X Phone, the rumored device (or device lineup) was said to be a close collaboration between Motorola and Google, but not an official Nexus device, since a Google/Motorola Nexus could be seen as a hostile move against other potential Nexus manufacturers.

The X Phone was mostly just speculation, with rumored specs ranging from a 4.7-inch to 5-inch display with 1080p, 12MP rear camera, and massive battery with a capacity around 3,000mAh. In fact, while some leaks suggested such a device, it wasn’t even clear whether it was an abandoned project, old codename, or really a new device. However, a job posting found today on LinkedIn has now confirmed that Motorola is working on the X Phone.

The job posting is for a Senior Director of Product Management to lead a team working on the X Phone project. Sadly, there aren’t any details about the phone in the posting, but we now know that the X Phone is at least real. Interestingly, though, the posting does mention familiarity with MotoBlur, which suggests that the device won’t run stock Android

Interestingly, this posting suggests a project in its early stages, which means that we likely won’t see the X Phone at Google I/O. Still, the project will likely produce an impressive smartphone, and I’m certainly interested in seeing what Google’s version of the smartphone looks like when it can control everything about it.