HTC EVO 4G LTE owners who are S-ON have been having quite a hard time lately, myself included. That’s because, as most of us know by now, any changes made to the system partition would, at best, not stick after a reboot – and, at worst, cause your phone to crash and restart. However, HTC’s highly unneccesary road block seems to have been patched, thanks to developer flar2.

Paul reported on New Year’s day about a new kernel by this developer that finally allows proper overclocking and writing to the system partition, but I think more attention needs to be paid to this latter feature, which is causing many S-ON users to rejoice. And, to make things even better, the latest release of Mean Bean (version 1.9) incorporates this module that grants write access to the system partition.

To my knowledge, Mean Bean was the first custom ROM that fixed this issue, although the vast majority of ROMs will most likely incorporate this in future revisions, too. It truly seems that mikeyxda is among the most friendly developers towards S-ON users, opting to support them rather lecture them about accepting OTA updates and not gaining S-OFF.

Flashing Mean Bean is truly a breeze for S-ON users, requiring absolutely no extra work, other than unlocking via HTCdev and installing a custom recovery. Mean Bean even includes an S-ON friendly kernel installer, so S-ON users don’t have to worry about convoluted methods for flashing the kernel – and the ROM keeps getting better and better with each (almost nightly) release.