Swype fans have reason to rejoice, as the popular keyboard for Android has just been updated to version 1.4 – and along with that, it now supports a “living language” crowd sourced dictionary. This feature was only recently introduced in competing keyboards, so it’s nice to see it added to Swype beta, as well. Basically, it works by identifying trending words that aren’t in the regular dictionary (like gangnam style), and automatically matching them to your swypes as you type words. So far, this feature is supported in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Swype has done away with user account requirements, which means you no longer have to register and login online in order to download the latest Swype beta version. This won’t affect online backup and sync of personal dictionaries,  but it is nonetheless great to see this opened up to a wider audience.

Finally, there are some other updates as well, mainly squashing some punctuation and highlighting bugs, and a few other miscellaneous fixes and enhancements. You can check out the full changelog, as well as download the app for yourself, at the link below.