While many retailers still don’t have enough stock of the black LG Nexus 4, it looks like LG may be ready to release a clean white model of the latest Nexus device. An image acquired by Phone Arena shows what appears to be an undoctored image of a white Nexus 4 that, if authentic, at least means that LG at least considered making a white Nexus 4 up to the prototype stage.

It is possible that the image could be a fake, like the flat black Nexus 4, but a white Nexus 4 couldn’t be faked as easily as a flat black Nexus 4. (At certain angles, the glittery finish of the Nexus 4 appears to be solid black.) In fact, in the image above, you can see a little bit of the pattern showing through at the bottom right corner, something that lends to this image’s credibility. In addition, it makes it unlikely that the Nexus 4 pictured simply has a white paint job, which would make it nearly impossible to preserve the unique finish.

In addition, the EXIF data of the images indicates that it was recently taken with an Optimus G. Because the Optimus G is LG’s flagship smartphone, it is likely used by most if not all LG employees. This could mean that the images comes from someone working for LG, or it could just mean that someone with an Optimus G took a picture.

It may seem odd for LG to devote resources to a white Nexus 4 when demand apparently can’t be met for the single model, but the lighter Nexus may have been in the works from the beginning – Many people don’t know it, but the Galaxy Nexus also came in white. However, even if this image is real and a white Nexus 4 exists, that doesn’t mean that LG will ever sell one. It may just be a prototype that someone managed to snag a picture of. Still, I know that many consumers absolutely love white smartphones (although I’m personally partial to darker color schemes), so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the eventual release of a white Nexus 4.

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