There are a lot of things I like about Windows 8. I’ve written at length about the OS and various Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, and my experience has largely been quite positive. But there’s one little issue that drives me crazy: You can’t delete apps from your Windows Store account. Sure, you can remove an app from your device, but it’ll always be attached to your account and visible in the “your apps” section of the Windows Store.

If this were the extent of the problem, it wouldn’t be too frustrating. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I recently started using an Acer Iconia W510 tablet (check out my first impressions here), which came preinstalled with a number of apps. And guess what. While I never actually downloaded any of the apps that came on the device, each and every one was automatically registered to my account. So now, the “your apps” section of the Windows Store is filled with apps I never downloaded and have no interest in.

Thankfully, fixing this issue shouldn’t be too hard. All Microsoft needs to do is add a way to permanently delete an app from your account. If that results in the loss of the app’s license and requires you to purchase premium apps if you ever want them again, then so be it. At least that way, I’ll be able to clean up my account.