Rumors keep on pouring in about a secret new Chromebook that Google might be working on right now. Codenamed “puppy,” the Chromebook is said to be powered by the ARM-based NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor and potentially have the ability to run Android apps. If this is the same machine as the high-resolution touchscreen Chromebook Pixel, then Google just might have a real winner on its hands here.

This latest rumor is fueled by the inclusion of a new device called “Puppy” in the Chromium source code. Given that Google often refers to its internal product testing as “dog fooding,” naming this device “puppy” makes sense. If it also turns out that this Chromebook will in fact be able to run Android apps, then we might also have an explanation for that chrome Android statue that’s poking out of building 45 on Google’s Mountain View campus. Building 45 is located right across the street from 44, which is well known for all its Android statues fashioned after tasty treats.

Hopefully Google will make some kind of official announcement soon, because I don’t think I can wait until Google I/O!

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