I’ve applied screen protectors for a decade, ranging from tiny “sticks” for 2-inch devices to massive matte conversion films for laptop screens. Avoiding bubbles can be hard, but it’s all about the technique you use. After seeing another failed attempt online, I decided to put the unused screen protector I had lying around for my iPad mini to good use and record a video tutorial.

It’s important to start off with a perfectly clean screen. In the video, I mange to get a couple of specks of dust onto the screen because I’m doing everything while standing up behind a camera setup, and you can see how those small specs of dust affect the result. Other than that, it’s important that you use a rolling motion like the one shown in the video, and you can see that this leaves the dust-free part of the screen bubble-free as well. Make sure you sit down so that you have full control over what you’re doing, and do it in as dust free an environment as possible. If you have a can of air, most commonly used to dust off computer parts, that is going to help you immensely in keeping dust off the screen.