HTC officially released its fourth quarter 2012 earnings report earlier today, and it’s basically what we already knew: profits are down dramatically, and estimates for the first quarter in 2013 are equally bleak, if not more so. Still, in spite of this dim outlook, CEO Peter Chou is still putting on his happy face when he talks to the public. Today he stated, “Outstanding products, paired with improvements in our marketing execution and overall readiness give us reason to feel optimistic about the progress we will make in 2013.”

In other words, HTC’s focus on innovation will continue, and it looks like HTC might even bring us some pretty awesome new camera and audio innovations in 2013. According to some rumors, HTC will be ditching megapixels in favor of “ultrapixels” in the new HTC M7 device, slated for release on all major carriers later this year. The new camera will actually utilize three 4.3MP sensors that, combined, will result in a single image. (This sounds similar to the dual cameras on the EVO 3D, doesn’t it?)

We don’t know quite yet how HTC will be innovating in the audio sphere, but HTC did tease on its blog earlier today that we should expect a brand new audio experience in 2013, too.

Is this enough, or is HTC still doomed? Sound off below!

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