Yesterday, HTC revealed its latest monthly revenue report, and the numbers are not good at all. In fact, they’re at a three year low – and when you consider how drastically HTC’s numbers have been falling each quarter, it doesn’t look like relief is in sight.

More specifically, HTC’s February numbers are down 26.82% from January, and down 43.98% from the previous year.

Of course, HTC hopes that the new HTC One will be its savior. This device will probably end up competing most directly with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV, or the LG Nexus 4, and already HTC’s drastic rethinking of Sense 5 has drawn its fair share of critics. But even if the device turns out to be a best seller, the numbers are so bad that it’s difficult to see how it could in fact turn the whole company around. Add to that HTC’s recent battles with the developer community, and a mostly lackluster response from many consumers, and it doesn’t look good.

Still, the HTC One did win the best of show at Mobile World Congress, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much, especially when you consider what it was up against.

As an HTC fan from even before the original EVO (I had a T-Mobile branded myTouch 3G), I certainly hope HTC can turn itself around. But I’m starting to lose hope.

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