If you’ve been dragging your feet on your HTC One preorder, you may want to just go ahead and pull the trigger. That’s because the device slowly seems to be selling out in most places, and right now is only available on contract with Sprint and AT&T.

Currently, the HTC One Developer’s Edition, which ships with an unlocked bootloader, is out of stock at HTC’s online storefront, along with the manufacturer’s 32GB unlocked GSM model. T-Mobile also isn’t taking preorders right now. This leaves only Sprint and AT&T for the moment, but it’s possible that one or both of these carriers might run out soon, too.

At this point, it’s not really clear whether or not HTC is still suffering from its Ultrapixel shortage, or whether the HTC One is really selling this well. In any case, we’d like to know about your own personal experiences with the preorder process so far: What deals have you gotten? Has everything gone smoothly so far? Let us know below!

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