For most of 2013, we’ve been really excited by the possible fruits of Google’s Motorola acquisition – the Motorola X Phone. In that time, we’ve seen rumors about software, hardware, and other specs, but they’ve all been just that: rumors. At this point, it’s fair to say that Google and Motorla are working on something, but precisely what that something is, we don’t know.

The latest rumors that have been swirling around the internet involve Google giving up on the Motorola X phone, but when tracing this back to the original source – a popular Chinese analyst – things don’t really seem that bleak. Instead, it looks more like Google has sent the X Phone back to Motorola’s development team, due to lack of innovation and use of new technology. In other words, Google isn’t cancelling the X Phone, but rather delaying it so it can be better.

And really, this isn’t much different from what Google’s own CFO said in March: Motorola’s products don’t yet have the wow factor that Google wants them to have, and so we shouldn’t really expect the X Phone until it’s up to Google’s rather stringent standards.

Can we expect the X Phone at Google I/O next week? All indications point to no. But should we expect it at some point soon? Probably so – it isn’t going anywhere.

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