I still haven’t used the wireless charging feature of my LG Nexus 4, mostly because I’ve been trying to decide which Qi-enabled charging pad will work the best. There is, of course, the OEM Nexus Charging Orb, but it is a bit on the pricey side and has had some trouble with the Nexus 4 sliding off of the “dock.” Other, more generic charging pads are cheaper, but don’t offer any dock functionality.

While it doesn’t solve the cost problem of other wireless charging docks, an XDA user decided to take matters into his own hands by making a better wireless charging dock for the Nexus 4 by utilizing 3D printing. The dock, pictured above, is custom designed to hold the Nexus 4 securely in portrait mode. It is made by printing out the plastic shell, and then buying a cheap Qi charging pad like this one and moving the internals into the shell.

What results is an extremely nice looking and simple wireless charging dock (you can easily make it in colors other than red) which, while it will cost more than any retail option, is specifically tailored to hold the Nexus 4 securely while charging. The design includes a tunnel for the speaker, and overall looks like a high quality product, especially when the plastic is finished properly.

You can purchase a printed shell of the dock here, or download the files and print your own (if you are lucky enough to own a 3D printer). If you buy all the parts, the dock will cost at least about $80. Still, even at that price I’m tempted by this dock even though the Orb is of little interest to me.

Clearly, this is a well made and well though out project, and I actually prefer the look of the dock to Google’s Orb. When factored in with the much more secure and better angled dock functionality, this accessory looks quite appealing. The price is high, but if I keep my Nexus 4 for any amount of time, I’ll want to have one of these on my desk.