Sidebar PlusSidebar Plus is an app by Root Uninstaller, the people who brought you an application of the same name, and Taskbar, a Windows 8-style launcher app. It provides multiple on-screen swipeable areas, either to the left or right of the screen, which launch a drawer containing apps, settings, widgets, contacts, or whatever else you want. It does not require root.

You can have multiple drawers containing mixes of any type of application, widget, or data, and all of this can be accessed while in other applications, although it will launch applications regularly, as opposed to doing some cool HALO windowed stuff.

While many ROMs include options for fast toggles or settings as a pull down, Sidebar Plus allows almost everything to be pulled out and displayed, executed, launched, toggled, or dialed. It comes default with three drawers set up, although you can set up more, and sub-drawers. I didn’t find much need to go past two personally (apps and contacts). The more drawers you add, the more precise your swiping will also need to be, but I think you could have five or so on a phone and not have any issues with it.

Sidebar Plus is free from Google Play, although it’s trialware. You’ll be limited to two drawers after five days is up, which should be more than enough time to see if you like the app and want to purchase it. It appears that the full version is somewhere around $3.28, although you can purchase just one or two more bars should you want to.

Download: Google Play