Call PopOutEver been deep into a level on a game or working on something and received a phone call that ruined your progress? Call PopOut was made so that never happens again.

Instead of throwing up the incoming call dialogue and taking you to the Android answer/reject screen, Call PopOut pops up a little Halo-style incoming call notification that allows you all your phone options without ever leaving the app you’re in. You can configure Call PopOut to come on only during certain applications if you only want to use it in certain apps, or you can have it answer all calls for you regardless of what app you’re currently running.

When you’ve answered a call, you have full controls available and can put the caller on speaker, mute the phone, hang up, etc. If giving your undivided attention to someone is not going to happen, you can continue playing Candy Crush or Robot Unicorn Attack 2 in the background, although I’d guess you’d want to kill the music.

Call PopOut comes from the people who brought you Root Uninstaller and Sidebar Plus, and like the latter application is aimed at maximizing your ability to do things within other things. It is free and available from Google Play.

Download: Google Play