Galaxy Note 3 S Pen

As fantastic as the S Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is, it’s not going to last forever. Eventually, that little plastic nub on the tip of the stylus will wear out, rendering the S Pen and all of its included functionality useless.

A sad day, indeed, but fret not: Samsung has prepared you for such an eventuality. Inside your Galaxy Note 3’s box should be a little bag, containing a metal ring and five cylindrical objects – these are your replacement tips. The metal ring is simply a removal tool, allowing you to grasp the tip of the S Pen and pull it out with little effort and no damage to your stylus.


To begin, take the S Pen out of its holding place in the Galaxy Note 3. Using the metal ring as tweezers (as they’re meant to be used), place the nub into the ring’s groove. Make sure to grasp firmly, but not too hard: if you mistakenly situate the nub into the wrong area and squeeze too hard, you could damage the tip.


Once you’re sure it’s in the correct groove, pull the tip out. It’ll slide out with hardly any effort. Put the old and useless tip somewhere else, find a new one, and insert your new tip using the tweezers. This ensures that you don’t break the tip by applying pressure where pressure shouldn’t be applied.


You won’t hear or feel any click that lets you know the stylus is in place, but as long as you can use the stylus on your Note 3, you’re done. Your S Pen is up and ready to go – you can now resume using your Note 3 to its fullest potential. If you’ve got any questions, let us know in the comments. Hopefully this guide will come in handy for any of you lucky Note 3 owners whose stylus needs a repair.