Windows Phone Store

In a blog post on Microsoft’s Windows Phone Developer Blog, General Manager of Windows Apps and Store Team Todd Brix revealed that the Windows Phone Store has finally surpassed 200,000 apps.

The Windows Phone Store’s last milestone of 100,000 apps was achieved in June 2012, over a year ago. While that is a significantly slower publishing rate than iOS or Android, it’s important to note that Windows Phone is still growing. Brix also mentions that the store is handling over 12 million transactions per day, meaning that more people are hopping on the Windows Phone bandwagon every day:

The current holiday shopping season and all the great promotions are just underway, and we’re already seeing momentum build with the Store surpassing 12 million transactions per day and Windows Phone Store surpassing 200,000 apps.

Although iOS and Android are far more popular, the numbers released today by Microsoft show that Windows Phone is gaining traction in very crowded market. And with incentives from Microsoft to developers to continue creating apps – as well as an increased transaction rate among users – chances are 2014 will shape up to be a very big year for Redmond’s mobile ventures.

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