Evasi0n main screenThe evasi0n jailbreak app was updated since our last piece on it to allow jailbreaking of the WiFi-only iPad 2. Previously the jailbreak would cause boot loops on the iPad 2, and just not work to do anything – but with the release of 1.0.2 it works like a charm.

Or in other words, I’m finally running everything rooted or jailbroken in my house.

The setup is pretty easy and stress free, unless you’re hovering over your iDevice like an overprotective parent. The longest and most stress potential portion of the jailbreaking process involved a reboot where it went through and read the kernel, but if you can walk away, you’re not going to have to sit there twiddling your thumbs.

Cydia main screenJailbreaking using the evasi0n jailbreak requires no computer knowledge, but it does require a computer and a sync cable. After that, just follow the instructions on the website and screen and you should be good to go.

From start to finish, including backing up everything, I did it in just under 12 minutes, so it’s not much of a time investment. Unfortunately, it’s not a one-click operation – it’s more like two clicks and a tap if I remember correctly, but you can’t ask for too much better than that.

After you’re jailbroken, you’ll have a Cydia app that hosts a collection of mods, tweaks, and instructions on how to use your newly freed device.

The evasi0n7 jailbreak is free, works on PC, Mac, and supposedly Linux, although I do not see a download link or instructions for that.

Have fun and read the instructions!