kitkat Android

If you’re the owner of a Sprint HTC One and want KitKat on it, despite the apology letter offered earlier this week that it wasn’t going to be available for a while, on Sprint it is. Unfortunately, it was on Sprint’s update servers only for a brief moment before the Grinch stole KitKat.

Update: Evidently it’s live again. So go and grab your KitKat on Sprint.

The update was available for a short time by manually instigating a software update check, and then it was abruptly discontinued by Sprint for as of yet unknown reasons.

Most likely the update was planned for a different timeframe, some last minute certification holdup, or perhaps Sprint wanted to be able to say “FIRST!” for something for the first time in a while.

While the news that it’s not yet available and no developers have as of yet laid their hands on the update files may sound bad, it’s pretty good news that there exists an update, there are at least some people who managed to get said update, and so hopefully a good copy will be delivered to the root community until such time as Sprint releases it to the HTC One eco-verse.

I’m betting that since the thing is loaded and ready to deploy that, unless there are major problems with it (in which case you wouldn’t want it anyway) it’ll be released soon enough.

If you happened to grab a copy of the 4.06.561.4 HTC One KitKat update or get notification of it, let us know. In the meantime all the people pounding the software update site can stop for a bit, if it says there’s no software available, checking again in twenty seconds isn’t going to change anything. Also stop for a bit because I can’t download the previous updates for my wife’s phone because people are hitting those servers so hard tonight.