Android KitKat

More and more, it seems like HTC fans can count on good ol’ Jason Mackenzie to keep everyone up to date on HTC’s latest upgrade plans. The HTC USA executive again took to Twitter to announce that the HTC One on T-Mobile will get Android 4.4 this week, amd the HTC One on AT&T is scheduled to receive it by the end of this month:

HTC has been ahead of its peers in terms of getting Android 4.4 out to the masses, so props to the Taiwanese manufacturer. This is especially big given HTC’s not-so-great track record, and it almost reminds me of the HTC of several years ago – you know, when HTC was the first manufacturer to get Gingerbread out there for the original HTC EVO 4G.

In any case, be sure to let us know how this update is treating you, once you get it!

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