Google Now shot

Even more awesome Google news has come out of Mountain View today, as the search giant announced earlier that Google Now desktop integration will go live in Chrome Beta later this week.

Google Now has already been integrated into the Chrome OS dev channel and the dev and canary channels of the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac for a few days now, although Google seems to be working hard to get this feature all the way down to the stable channel as quickly as possible. Usually, big features like this take weeks or even months to make it from canary to beta, so the fact that it’s only been a few days demonstrates that Google wants this feature available to the masses ASAP.

In my experience, Chrome Beta is usually just as smooth as the stable channel, with few (if any) noticeable bugs. It’s a great way to try out new features before most people, and it’s definitely not as risky as the dev channel. There’s never been a better reason to jump on beta than this, so check it out now.