HTC Sense 5 since I don't have a picture of Sense 5.5A port of an HTC One Mini ROM that combines Sense 5.5 and elements of CyanogenMod has been released for users of the HTC EVO 4G running the new Android 4.3 firmware by developer talon_dgnr8.

The features list include CyanogenMod apps, KitKat apps, Google Edition Apps, the Apex Launcher, LMT Pie launcher, AOSP recent apps, changed themes, advanced power menu, the Sense camera with a 360 panoramic mod, and many others.

The ROM still lists that it’s Android 4.3, so the KitKat elements are probably tweaked six ways to Sunday, but as of right now there are no complaints.

If you’re interested in installing this, you’ll need to have the 4.3 firmware that was released by HTC and subsequently yanked installed, have a modified version of TWRP that supports SELinux, and be ready to be a guinea pig as this hasn’t been released to the general public very long.

There are no screenshots yet, nor much feedback other than a couple of people who had issues on the initial install, and I can’t give any ROM a whirl until tomorrow, so if you run it let us know how it works for you.

Happy flashing!