Sprint logo grey backgroundIn some sobering news for many Sprint employees, the nation’s third largest wireless carrier announced that it was reducing a significant part of its staff that is dedicated to repairing and refurbishing customer devices. In total, 330 Sprint technicians will lose their jobs, and 150 service and repair centers will close across the country.

In addition to this, Sprint says that it will close 55 under-performing retail stores, and lay off a bunch of domestic call center employees. Total layoffs will be around 1550 people.

Sprint says that customers won’t be inconvenienced in any major way because of this, but admits that in some cases, customers will have to drive up to 45 minutes in order to reach a repair center that is capable of fixing damaged phones. In other words, it doesn’t look very good for customers or employees, as Sprint tries to figure out ways to turn its $1.62 billion in losses last quarter into a profit.