Blue HTC One 2

The Sprint-branded HTC One is currently getting an OTA update to build 4.06.651.9. The update went live for Sprint customers this morning, and can manually be installed by navigating to  Settings > System updates > HTC Software.

The official changelog on Sprint’s website says that only enhancements are “system stability improvements,” so it seems to be a relatively small and minor update. However, for those who have downloaded and installed the software, we’d appreciate a heads up in the comments on how big the download actually is, along with whether you notice anything else that has changed.

The update will push to all Sprint HTC One customers starting on March 24, but for those who want to take the jump now, it’s there for you. Of course, if you’re rooted, you’ll probably lose that, so you may want to hold off until your particular ROM developer incorporates the changes into your existing ROM. Otherwise, have fun.