FR3 icon packFR3 is an icon and wallpaper pack that works on several different launchers and provides a cohesive theme to your otherwise disjointed collection of icons.

I don’t generally write about icon packs or wallpaper, as generally that’s something that you see and you either like it or you don’t. But these are pretty cool, and the author of them has gone on to create a G+ page with links to guides on how to make your own.

For those thinking the developer’s name sounds familiar, we covered him in a developer spotlight before, and he’s been somehow associated with more ROM reviews on this site than any other single developer.

If you’re interested in trying out the icon pack, make sure you’ve got one of the supported launchers (Apex, Nova, Action, Solo, Inspire, Smart, Atom, ADW, Go, Holo, KK), and download it from Google Play.

After you’ve got it set up and configured the way you like it, head on over to our show off your home screen post, and post it for the world to see, and for your chance to win probably nothing on the 16th.

The FR3 icon pack is free, although a donate version is potentially available if you want to (it’s not showing at the moment). FR3 contains over 270 icons and 20 wallpapers, and you can generally reach the developer with any problems you might encounter.

Download: Google Play