In a move that’s sure to please most TV fans, Hulu has finally agreed to offer mobile users on iOS and Android access to the same free content that desktop users have enjoyed since the service’s inception.

Previously, users who wanted to watch free Hulu content on their mobile devices were forced to purchase a Hulu Plus subscription for $7.99/month. Luckily, that’s about to change this summer, which makes sense – after all, why should someone pay more to watch what’s supposed to be free on a smaller screen? It makes no sense.

Additionally, Hulu announced today that it has surpassed 6 million paying subscribers, it has ordered additional content, and it is launching an in-stream purchase unit that will allow viewers to order physical items without ever leaving the Hulu environment. (Pizza Hut will be a launch partner for this.)

For the first time, Hulu actually looks interesting to me. I can’t wait to try out the free streaming on my Chromecast!