Google Drive Unlocked Bootloader WarningOne of the things the HTC One M8 comes with, besides the phone, is 50GB of additional online storage for two years on Google Drive. Unfortunately as I learned the hard way, if your bootloader is unlocked the offer can’t be redeemed.

It remains to be seen if you can redeem the storage offer, then unlock the bootloader/root. I’m assuming you can, but I’d imagine they put in this protective measure so that the root crowd on other devices wouldn’t start cashing in on 50 GB additional storage space like they did with DropBox two years ago.

As I had not yet redeemed the offer for the additional storage, I’m not getting any additional storage space. Also my additional DropBox storage I got from the HTC EVo 4G LTE is expiring this month.

While I am pretty much out of luck by the terms and conditions of the offer (which I didn’t read before it slapped me in the face), you don’t have to be. Make sure to log into Drive to get your storage before you go and unlock the bootloader or attempt to get S-OFF, and you should be fine.

I’ll check later and see if relocking the bootloader will gain me anything, but my bet is anything in the relocked state is not going to be eligible either.

This makes me a bit bummed as I really could use that storage space, and that was an incentive for the purchase of the phone. Ah, well.

If anyone in the root world knows of a way around this, let us know. I’d appreciate it and I’m sure several people out there who rooted early on without using the Drive app would too.